Hello and a warm welcome to my page and my very first blog. And as a blog always changes, I decided on a little update.

Rejection Challenge Tanja

I  started my own personal rejection challenge in September 2017 after reading the book “Rejection Proof” by Jia Jiang.

Very rarely have I been able to identify so easily and quickly with the author of a book and his challenges. But it is one thing to read about it, to agree and identify and to do something yourself, putting youself out there and making yourself vulnerable.

My name is Tanja Boness, I am now 50 years old, German, single mom living in a beautiful little village near Munich in Bavaria, Germany with my two children (18 and 14). When I started this challenge I was looking for a job as I landed in an industry that made me very unhappy for the past years, even if I was very successful and I just know that I desperately need to make a significant change in my life. But I am afraid. I am afraid to leave my comfort zone (that is so not comfortable but at least I know it), I am terrified of rejection, of not being good enough strong enough, young enough, smart enough, skilled enough, whatever enough…

So often I have had great ideas, inspirations and swallowed them because I was so unsure of myself and absolutely terrified that others would reject my ideas in with that, reject me. Innumerable opportunities have passed and I dare not think of these. I have started doubting myself, my abilities more than ever and  I know that if I don’t start to make a change now, I never will.

There are so many women (and of course men as well) out there that are in a similar situation that I am. I know I am not unique in my fears, my challenges that I face day by day, but I also know that sometimes you need someone to give you that push and for me it was Jia Jiang and his book Rejection Proof and a dear friend who gave me the book.

Reading the book moved me to tears, recognizing my own fears and thoughts, made me laugh and opened my eyes.

I started with a, for me, very difficult challenge: The JOB SEARCH

And even if I am currently working as a freelance consultant and coach, I still face so many challenges and rejections, ones that I am not deliberately asking for but I would like to share some of these. I stared doing this with the “REJECTION OF LOVE” post and will try to beyond my usual comfort zone and keep sharing…

I look forward to your comments and would like to be in touch!