#1 Challenge FIND A JOB

10. September 2017

There are two things I have more than enough of

  1. Love for people
  2. Empathy

This paired with truly excellent communication skills makes me the ideal candidate for Director of Communications – so why on earth am I not working as exactly that?

Great question. Because I can be a coward at times, I am terrified of rejection, have my insecurities and have been through so much that at times have been numb with fear and doomed myself to inactivity, rather than getting out there and doing something. Trust me, writing this and publishing it is one of the most difficult things I have done in my life. I am almost hoping that perhaps nobody will ever read this and I am just doing it for myself as some kind f weird therapy… But back to my first challenge.

As I also have a love for beauty, I found a fashion company that had just been through a take over. So I wrote a letter, got my CV in order and waltzed in on the first day after the take over. I was unfortunately out of luck but managed to get into the building, find the assistant of the new owner and left my letter and CV and found out when he would be in again.

I was there on that day, first thing in the morning. I managed to get in again and was remembered. I was waiting for the assistant when a lovely gentleman passed me by wishing me a good morning and asking if he could help me. I told him that I would like to speak to the owner. As I wasn’t asked if I had an appointment, I pretended to belong there. The kind gentleman  said he knew that the new owner was in a meeting but would gladly see what he could do.

It took only a minute and he came out of his meeting and I got a chance to personally introduce myself, leave a (hopefully good) impression and I am sure he will remember me.

It did take me all my courage to do this and I didn’t get a yes but I wasn’t rejected either, so I see it as a good start into my project.

And I might just go back a third time…

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