25. October 2017

I really thought I would have done a few more challenges in the meantime but I take them as they come and when time and circumstances allow for them.

I had an early (too early for my taste to be honest) flight from Munich to Basel this morning and as I arrived quite early at the airport, knowing that security check takes forever on a Monday morning, I decided to grab a quick tea in the Lufthansa Buisness Lounge. As I only have Frequent Traveler Status I am only eligible for the Business Lounge but always wondered what the Senator Lounge, that is right next door, looks like and if it there is really a big difference.

So I plucked up my courage to ask the friendly lady at the entrance of both lounges. I explained that despite the fact I only have Frequent Traveller status, I would really like to go into the Senator Lounge today. She looked at me quite bewildered at first, seemed to consider my request and sent me to another friendly looking lady at the desk, as she could not make a decision like that.

So I walked up to the desk, feeling a little odd with my request. As I am always a little nervous when it comes to asking for something I just more or less blurted out that I would really like to go into the Senator Lounge today. She had the same bewildered look on her face as her colleague and apologetically but firmly told me that they don’t do this kind of upgrade. As I didn’t want to give up completely I asked her if a sneak peak would be ok, that I would just like to see the Lounge, not stay, jus find out if its worth to strive for a higher status. She obviously didn’t expect my tenacity and looked like she wanted to reject me again (which is actually what I am aiming for). She actually did say no, again very apologetically, so I decided to try a different angle and asked her to come with me, giving her the opportunity to make sure that I don’t take advantage of any services. That is when she started smiling, and gave me permission to stroll through he lounge to have a look and I did.

I must admit that it was a little disappointing as the difference wasn’t very significant. I came out very quickly, thanked her and went into the Business Lounge for my tea before my flight.

It really is possible to negotiate with people, offering an alternative to your actual request. So even though I was rejected twice, I was rewarded for offering an alternative.

Perhaps I will try my luck at the First Class Lounge next time…


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