20. November 2017

I am really starting to feel like I am living at airports and in hotels. It is early Monday morning and I am waiting to board my flight to London Heathrow. As I will be staying in London until Friday and have spent the better part of the past five weeks in hotels I am going for a very selfish challenge today.

When I arrive in my hotel in Hammersmith later this morning I am going to ask for an upgrade of my hotel room. I do admit, even of this is my rejection challenge, I really hope that I will not be rejected today. I would truly appreciate a little more comfort for the coming five days. I am going to be honest and ask for exactly that.

As always when I ask someone for something I am extremely nervous and it was no different today. I wonder if that will ever get any easier if I do this more often?

So when I arrived at the hotel, I went straight to the reception desk, before my courage leaves, me and blurt out my request. I am honest and tell the very friendly young man that I have spent the past five weeks in hotels and if there is a possibility to get an upgrade to my room. The upgrade is possible but not for free. I am too nervous to ask why. I know the company will not cover an upgrade so at first I decline. But then I reconsider… I am really in dire need of a nice and comfortable room, so I agree to an upgrade for 30 GBP per night.

When I came in to my room after a long day in the office, I do ask myself if it was worth it. I can clearly answer that question with a wholehearted YES because

  1. I have a Nespresso machine so they made my day and especially my morning (people who know me a little know it is better to talk to be after or while I have an espresso in the morning – although I am getting better even without)
  2. I have a water cooker to make tea – which I need almost as much as my espresso.
  3. I have a really lovely bathroom
  4. I have a Bose SoundLink Mini here

So espresso, tea and loud music in a lovely bathroom… What more can a woman ask for, except for MORE… At my next challenge!


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