Forbidden Love by T.O.W.

When wIo0K96fCRqKnU9LhM6h+Zg_thumb_593de met we were both not looking for love

It just happened and then it all went wrong

Feeling like a sign from above

That we had to end it and now you are gone.




The time we were granted was a blessing

The time we were granted was a curse

The memory of it all is still messing

With my heart and every day it gets worse.



The thoughts of you are still so very present

Every day and every night

I do my best to focus on the pleasant

But it is a constant and terrible fight.






You are the love of my life

The man with whom I want to grow old

All I wanted to be was your wife

But something else began to unfold.


You wanted to be with someone else

And that someone was not me

For that other someone your heart melts

And the truth is we were not meant to be.


So we said our goodbyes out of reason

Love still strong but forbidden

It felt like the worst kind of treason

To a love that had to always be hidden.


So this it where it all ends

Without another word

Knowing we could never be friends

Even the thought of that being absurd.


I was always the other woman in the shadows of your life

Hidden away and never to be seen

This was always cause for strife

Fighting about what possibly could have been.


So all that is left is to wish you well

Living a happy and fulfilled life

Even if it puts me though hell

You belong with your wife.

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