FEBRUARY 14th 2014

February 14th 2014 – T.O.W.


Why do I so strongly remember this day

just meeting you once in a while for tea

Enjoying conversations in such a fun way

It was all so harmless talking – you and me




Loving that there is intelligent life out there

With a fabulous sense of humor and wit

We had so much in common to share

And as friends we were an amazing good fit


Time always flew when you were around

Both feeling happy and at ease

I didn’t see you as a man and found

Your company felt like a welcome breeze


But on this day something suddenly changed

You walked me to my car, we said farewell

I was caught off guard and felt quite deranged

My heart skipped a beat and I knew you had cast your spell



Only much later without another clue

Had I realized what day it had been

On Valentine’s Day I fell in love with you

Wishing to touch your warm skin.

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