Can it really be that simple? Just follow seven simple rules for a healthy long lasting relationship? I believe yes, under the right circumstances



a. you love your partner

b. your partner loves you

c. you both know that after the honeymoon phase, for a healthy relationship to work you need to work on it

d. both partners are willing to put in the effort



these can be just this simple…

Even if these rules really are very simple, you will most likely never be able to apply them all at the same time but it is so valuable to not forget them – especially but not only when the going gets rough.

So here are my very personal…


1. Never go to bed angry

2. Address issues immediately before they escalate, being honest and open (even if it hurts like hell), communicate, communicate, communicate…

3. Don’t take the other for granted – ever

4. Spend quality time – date nights, holidays etc.

5. Make love as often as possible

6. Leave each other enough space

7. Never stop kissing, holding hands and showing real affection

Everyday life with your partner is something so beautiful. It is what feels like coming home, it is the warm feeling of security, knowing what to expect. But just as important are the Sundays and holidays – as I like to call them – in the relationship, days with surprises or when something special happens. This can be anything, so get creative. Vital is the communication though, not only in a romatic relationship…

This is the short and sweet… If you would like to read more about this, let me know…


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