We are in a worldwide crisis – that is undeniable – and it does not really matter how we got there. It is not important anymore if the COVID-19 virus is the cause or the fear of the people, that seems to bring out the worst in many and the best in some.


We hear different news of development from all over the world every day, terrifying news and the fear spreads like an unstoppable virus with more speed than the COVID-19 could ever manage. Fear is the most infectious and destructive virus I can think of.


Unfortunately most people are not blessed with the ability to think for themselves, to question behavior and if they are told to buy masses of toilet paper, pasta and flour and whatever else, they simply do it as if their life depended on it. Consideration towards others often does not even seem to be an option.


So, what terrifies me most is the ignorance, stupidity and selfishness of so many out there. I myself was elbowed in the ribs by a woman for cat food in a supermarket a few days ago. I was in shock and could not comprehend what had just happened. I am quarantined because a man deliberately risked infecting people at an event I attended (when this was still possible) and he even boasted to some, that only 2-3 days prior to the event he sat in the car with someone who tested positive with the virus. Only a few days after the event this man was tested positive himself. The irresponsibility of these individual is what scares me so much more than a virus ever could.


What warms my heart and gives me hope though, is that there are also so many that don’t get trapped in this behavior, they reach out, show compassion and do all they can to their abilities to help others. I have seen so many examples of real altruism. This is what I personally want to concentrate on, on the good and on hope. We will all get through this and for a short while the world will have changed – perhaps a little for the better – before we go back to business as usual.


I believe that in times like these people are revealed, showing their true self. There is no hiding, the masks come off and show what is underneath. It brings out the good and the ugly and you can see what is dominant in a person. Thankfully I am surrounded by more of the people that are kind and caring.


Take good care of yourself and of others and we will all get through this…



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