Hope Is A Bitch – T.O.W.

Ending a deep love out of reason

Feels like a crime against nature

Hope does not care about the season

It has nothing to do with being mature


The feeling still strong and yet it is over

You know it to be horribly true

The pain is all consuming – allover

And all I can think of is you

Hope keeps creeping in like a symptom

Of the most malignant terminal cancer

It is recurrent no matter how often ripped apart

It sneaks up on you like a light footed dancer.

Every time hope goes away

It takes a part of you with it

Yet you desperately want it to stay

But at some point you lose your grit.

In the end you can only find comfort

In the one thing you certainly know

Hope is a bitch and will kill you

And of this love you must now let go.

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