I already mentioned routines in a relationship, and to mix these up a little you need


The every day life with your partner, the routines can be something wonderful. It is the realiability you have in a relationship, the warm feeling of coming home and knowing what you are coming home to. It is what makes you fell safe and secure.

This security can quickly become tricky as – and you have heard this before – it can become boring and even frustrating after a while – gound hog day all over again…

The secret is spending quality time together. That is not always easy when you work a lot, have small children and many other obligaions. But once in a while you need to remember that you are not only mothers and fathers, hard workers, volunteers within your community or whatever, you are woman and man with wants and needs that need to be addressed.

If you cannot do a spontaneous date night, or picknick, or take a hike together, plan it. Get a babysitter, put it in your calender (that may not sound very romantic but doing nothing is even less romantic) and make it happen. Mix up the daily routine and do something out of the ordinary, and it doesn’t need to be costly, just thoughtful.

Prepare a lunch for your partner to take to work and spice it with a little love note. Just be creative, you know best what your partner loves. It can mean all the difference to sometimes go that extra mile and show you care…


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