I Still Love You – T.O.W.

Before you entered my life I thought I knew

Everything about love and how it should be

And no matter what you put me through

When I was with you I always felt free.



Never has a love for a man been so strong

You are the one for whom my heart beats

I still don’t quite know where we went wrong

I feel lonely while I wander the streets.



Every day I just wait for some sign

Anything to know I am not forgotten

Praying that somehow you are fine

Even if without you I feel hopelessly rotten.



I miss you my love, every day and every night

So if you still love me and are afraid

Know that I am here and willing to fight

For a love that in my heart never will fade.



Every night I sleep in the old shirt you left

But the scent of you has long been gone

I wake up at night and hear your breath

And the ugly truth awaits me at dawn.



You have gone and my love is disdained

I still wish one day you‘d come back

Before all life from us has been drained

To work it all out and cut one another some slack.



I love you with all my heart

Forgiveness from the depth of my soul

Too long have we been apart

Only with you can I be whole.



Love and tender thoughts I send

Never forget, I am your friend.

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