I have written one or the other time about the strange times we are now experiencing and what it is doing to people. COVID-19 has a tight grip on everyone and the constant propaganda in the mainstream media would have even made Goebbels proud. It has become absolutely impossible to avoid the propaganda (some still call it news) and the constant attempt of brain washing. No matter where you go, what media you open or whom you talk to, eventually there is only one dominant topic. It seems as though the world is evolving around a virus and nothing else counts anymore.

Many (intelligent and sophisticated) people who have questioned the measures, who were convinced that this whole issue has completely been blown out of proportion have given up and given in to this psychological warfare. A friend of mine feels sad and even depressed because if she dares say anything that is not in accordance with the MSM, she is mocked, ridiculed or put in the corner with extreme right-wingers – which has happened to me as well. People tell me to calm down and stop being upset about things I cannot change anyway. But I am upset simply because what is happening in this world upsets me… Sue me!

We are under constant psychological torture and it is taking it’s toll on everyone in one way or the other. Some advocate the measures imposed on us without questioning anything (the main argument being that they cannot change it anyway) and some are seriously terrified of the virus, while others are just followers out of complacency. Then there are those, like myself, that are desperately trying to understand why we lock down countries, even continents, why we forcefully incapacitate older people, why we accept numbers and measures without questioning their meaning and usefulness. Why do we allow our civil rights to be gradually taken away from us? I know the arguments of those that say wearing a mask is a small price to pay for saving lives and I am tired of it. I’m tired of being constantly given a bad conscience if you don’t follow everything like a lemming without questioning it. This is not about wearing a mask (although I most certainly never get used to wearing them and seeing others wear them either, especially outdoors), it is about so much more. I have seen a recording from Sky News in Australia on Twitter that I find frightening. It basically announces that from next year on a digital vaccination certificate will be attached to the digital entry card to enter Australia, with the argument (or selling point) that this would avoid quarantine when entering the country and is a great step forward. The next step will probably be that you will not be able to enter the country without a valid vaccination certificate at all, or even travel.

We are assured that there will be no compulsory vaccination, but we will probably have the choice between the plague and cholera… Either get vaccinated and are first class people and can work in any profession, travel etc. but risk the side effects of a vaccine that has not been thoroughly tested, or we are second class people who cannot travel, work in certain professions and maybe even cannot visit restaurants or leisure facilities without a vaccination certificate but don’t take the risk of a potentially harmful vaccine. So what will it be and are we really that far away from such a scenario?

Maybe it’s just some kind of craziness on my part or the effect that this psychological warfare has on me, but I’m certainly not a conspiracy theorist, I’m not even a very political person and I do not deny the existence of COVID-19 and that it is a virus that has the potential to kill people. I am, by the way, someone that approves of vaccinations – the ones that have been tested. And even those can still have dire side effects on some individuals. My own sister nearly lost her life due to the oral polio vaccination which was administered in Germany for a long time and cost some children their lives. But it was easier to administer than an injection… But I am drifting off. What I am trying to say is, that it is simply irresponsible if a vaccine, that has not been thoroughly tested, is administered to millions, risking more lives and accepting these deaths as collateral damage – it is appalling.

I am a human being and it drives me to desperation that politics apparently willingly accept the many “collateral damages” that we have had in the past months. Hardly anyone speaks about the trauma people and especially children suffer, the abuse, the people who died because they were no longer treated or because they did not dare to be treated, hardly anyone talks about the people who took their own lives out of desperation, about the many who lost their existence. We do not speak of the many families that are destroyed because they could not handle the pressure. What kind of world is this in which neighbours denounce one another, where you are shouted at if you don’t wear a mask outside?

The joy of life is being driven out of people and they are made docile. People are stirred up against each other and it works. Fear is used to try to break all resistance. Perhaps one person cannot do much but I do believe we still have the capacity to use our common sense, our voice, to question what is happening around us and to not be a docile lemming that simply gives up and gives in.

I know this is not my usual blog post and it only represents my very own and personal opinion without any claim to correctness or completeness. But I allow myself to express my opinion, because this is still a right that I have and of which I make use.


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