“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”Albert Einstein –

What is your tipping point? How much does it take to get to that one breaking point? Where does your tolerance for lies, deceit and abuse end?

These questions apply to all aspects in life. Let’s take the situation that big parts of the world are in right now, let’s take the current lockdown from which so many are suffering. How much will it take before the public is fed up, before the governments abuse their power one time too many. How much more can the people take and endure before it comes to a breaking point? How much is one time too many? How much more of this nonsense can people bear without a riot? How long until all this negative energy, that has been building up for the past months, need to find release?

How much does it take?

Even the most loyal, sweet and patient dog will bite if you treat it badly and kick it one time too many… It will turn on you and tear you to shreds. What makes the governments of this world believe they can keep doing this to their people without consequences? How long until people wake up and realise it is not about saving lives and protecting people? How long before the powder keg we sit on explodes?

The situation is not getting better and it is taking its toll on our social life, our social behavior and on our relationships. I mentioned in a different blog post that in times of wearing masks, the masks are actually falling. People are showing their true faces and convictions. A lot of what you see is not pretty – not pretty at all.

Interesting that in relationship with others – be it a friendship or a romantic relationship – we usually have a much higher tolerance for bull shit – as we want to believe in others and in their being good – but we all do have a tipping point. We eventually lose the rose coloured glasses and begin to see clearly again.

A great example of how liberating it can feel to finally see with clarity again, is this scene from the film The Holiday . It shows so beautifully what can happen when you have been pushed that one time too many.

But why does it sometimes take so long? What makes us hold on and still hope for a good outcome, even when your head knows from day one that there is absolutely nothing to gain? Why do intelligent and independent people fall for others who are absolutely incapable of loving anyone but themselves, the ones that want it all without being made accountable, the ones that don’t want to face the consequences of their actions, the ones that have no empathy for others whatsoever, the ones that simply don’t care how much they hurt others and still manage to victimise themselves?

Sounds familiar?

These people can be so very charismatic, especially when they want something from you. They have the ability to dangle that carrot in front of your face, pulling it away at the last moment. They only get active when they fear you might be drifting away. It is amazing what they will then do to win you back. As soon as they feel safe again you are treated just as disparagingly as before. They come back to you when they need something, feast on you like a tick and as soon as they are satisfied they drop off and leave you behind – empty and sick. They use you as a fountain of youth, or as a sanatorium where they heal, you become a sanctuary. These people make you feel needed and appreciated – at least as long as their advantage is bigger than their investment – and you fall for it again and again – until it happens one time too many! It is then that you start to find your self-love again and realise that there is no return on investment. The good times do not make up for the bad times anymore and it doesn’t matter how much you were there for someone, they were usually not there when you needed them. So let go in love (if you can).

There is only so much a heart can take
Before there is this final break
There comes the point of no return
When you turn away and let all memories burn.
One time too many and that broke the spell
Never again to go through that hell
Realizing he is cold, calculating and weak
Learning to be ok that we never again will speak. 

Most of the time I write a blog post in one go and then it happens, like this week, that I write, add or delete something from time to time.
Please bear with me if a topic, like today’s, is not quite as stringent. I am only an amateur when it comes to writing.

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