Fight (You Fool) – T.O.W.

Sad, lonely and afraid
she is the first thought when you wake
Hurt by the things that have been said
She is the last thought at at night and you shake.

The longing becomes stronger every day
Even if it seems to be out of sight
The last words spoken stand in the way
But if you truly love her – fight!

What have you got to lose?
You give it your all
Your course of action you can choose
Even if you risk to lose and fall.

The faith has been shattered
So win back her trust
You both feel battered
So do whatever you must.

How often do you find your soul mate?
You know she is your one great love
Who else could put you in this state?
She was sent from the heavens above.

Fight (you fool) as if it were for your life…

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