GOODBYE 2020! – WELCOME 2021?

Today is the first day of 2021, a new year has dawned and a year has ended that I never thought I would have to experience in my lifetime. There were personal losses that I am finally saying goodbye to certain things, to make space for new and good things, and yet something in me is still broken…

There were also great losses to our society and in my opinion to humanity that will be difficult to fix.

The year 2020 will go down in history and for me it was the year in which our governments failed hopelessly, the year in which so many people were terrified, the year in which humanity was turned against each other and incited.

In 2020, the world economy was nearly ruined, existences were destroyed, and all because of a virus no worse than the annual influenza. Yes, people lost their lives because of this virus, and yet no one (or hardly anyone) mourns the collateral damage that came with the measures imposed on us. People lost their livelihoods, their health, or even their lives because of the measures. No one seems to care what is done to the psyche of the people by the horrible propaganda that has put a large part of the world’s population in fear. The year 2020 has ended with us being isolated from our families and friends.

Unfortunately, the year 2021 begins no better than the old year ended. The sword of Damocles that hangs over us now is the supposedly curative vaccination. Mankind simply does not manage to learn from the mistakes of the past. It is multi billionaires who rise to decide over our health, over our bodies, over our freedom of movement and ultimately over our overall freedom. How many billions does it take to stand above the law, to make right out of wrong?

We are assured again and again that there will be no forced vaccination or mandatory vaccination. I said months ago that those who refuse vaccination are still allowed to be a part of society but are no longer allowed to participate in social life.

The Australian airline Quantas has already announced that it will only carry passengers who are vaccinated.
I am convinced that certain professions can only be performed by those who have been vaccinated. I suspect that at some point it will also be the case that you can only go to restaurants, the cinema, the theatre, concerts, etc. if you have been vaccinated. But maybe in the future there will be local events or events that will be set up especially for people who have not been vaccinated. Maybe the vaccine refusers will get armbands that they have to wear, so that they can be directly identified as a outcast by others.

This all sounds crazy or like conspiracy theories to some people. But just think about it. Who could have imagined on January 1st, 2020 that we would not be able to see our friends (or as many as we please) when we want to, hug our family members that are in care homes, or that our children would be out of school for almost half a year? Who could have imagined that people would panic when someone sneezes or coughs? Who could have remotely imagined that we would have to walk around everywhere wearing masks that take away our smiles and our identities?

2020 was an incredibly difficult year and I fear that 2021 will not be much easier. I sincerely hope I’m wrong. But no matter what, I refuse to give up hope, I will not stop fighting and speaking my mind, and I will not cease to make my life as beautiful as possible.

For the year 2021 I wish that people stand up and fight back, that they look after each other again instead of denouncing one other, I wish with all my heart that humanity and the use of common sense will become popular again. I truly believe it is or can be a time for great opportunity, despite or perhaps even due to the circumstances.

The year 2021 has just begun and is full of great potential – I intend to make it count!


2 thoughts on “GOODBYE 2020! – WELCOME 2021?

  1. Yes an incredible year it was and what another one we have ahead of us. You have touched on so many salient points and one wonders how indeed did we arrive to where we are today so quickly.
    I caought myself writing to a friend some weeks ago saying that it was allowed for us to go to the grocery shop or to exercise but ether alone or with immediate hold hold members. I literally pinched myself to realise what I was writing.
    It was pure shock.. although we have been living in this reality for most of a year now. but this really struck home how far we were into this insidious time.
    There is so much at stake here, as you have said on so many levels, social, business and health ( non Covid). I have friends here in the gastronomy business that are broken and will probably never reopen their doors, they are stressed, depressed and have been abandoned by the government and their promise of a rescue package since November and which not a cent has been paid. I have traveled through towns in greater Munich to see foreclosure signs everywhere. Ghost towns that will never reopen.
    On another side we have been stripped of even the basic freedoms of even going for a swim, it is great if you have a joy of solitary yoga, ( which I am trying to reinstate into my daily life) or like a run, but the full gammit of exercise has been deleted from our lives, Dancers.. forget it ! like to work out in the gym, mix it up on the martial arts, play a round of golf, a bit of tennis, etc etc etc… we are forever changed, we are between neutered, and reprogrammed.. and if that does sound like hyper bowl or conspiratorial then ask Klaus Schwab and his cohort of the world Economic Forum (WEF) or better know as Davos.. we are literally on the cusp of a new dawn and reseting of the world system as we know it. And it starts here with the economic system and the backbone of the cash society that live in. this is being deleted before our eyes and and in the process a generation of casualties will amass and that is ok, because the FOURTHINDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION, and the GREAT RESET demands it.
    Covid 19 is been used to implement the strategy and long term goal of the WEF, the IMF, Central Banks and world Governments. The figures are being manipulated the data hidden and the free press (mainstream) refusing to ask the basic questions of proof. As each day passes the sham of the vaccination and the incompetency of delivering it shine brightly on us and yet so many are blinded by the narrative of Merkel, Johnson et al.
    Tanya, you are not wrong in your assertions. Just watch it unfold and hang in there and never give up.




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