This is THE question that I have been asking myself for months now. HOW MUCH (MORE) DOES IT TAKE? How many more absurd measures will it take to force the public into total submission. Our life has come to a halt and is mainly online now, which I cannot and do not want to get used to. I am struggling to find words to express how angry and fed up I really am.

I live in Bavaria and our governor likes to be a pioneer in corona measures. His latest coup is that in Bavaria as of Monday everyone without exception must wear FFP2 masks in stores as well as in public transport and churches. This week (18.-24. January 2021) is still a so-called transitional goodwill week in which a violation is not yet fined. It has been decided that the fine for not wearing the appropriate FFP2 mask (as of Monday 25. January 2021) will be €250 and if you are repeatedly not wearing this mask it can cost you €500, just like breaking curfew (21.00h). This is so much that it ensures that everyone will comply simply because resistance is unaffordable for most.

I have been out and about with my (very) thin silk mask this week and it is astonishing how people look at me. I don’t think I have ever gotten so many dirty looks of disapproval as this week. Some actually found it necessary to remind be if my “DUTY” and that we should be “OBEDIENT”. I now know what it feels like to be an outcast – in this case I am glad to be one. I am sick and tired of this nonsense.
It is proven that the wearing of masks makes no sense and with the introduction of the FFP2 mask obligation the last bit of individuality is now taken from the people. But why are we forced to wear these masks? The answer is quite simple and has in reality NOTHING to do with rising numbers of infection (which are complete bogus anyway, and I will get to that). If you watch this report you will quickly understand why this is being imposed on us. For those who do not understand German I will gladly summarise this report:

In March, at the beginning of the so-called pandemic, there were not enough masks in Germany and Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn made a call for tenders, a so-called Open House! The tender guaranteed a purchase of all masks (also FFP2 masks) if delivered by April 30, 2020 at a guaranteed purchase price. For this a budget of approx. 2 billion euro was intended. What the Federal Ministry of Health did not expect was that masks worth more than 6 billion euros would be supplied. A large proportion of these masks are in warehouses and the government has not yet paid for them. In the meantime, the suppliers have filed a lawsuit. To cut a long story short, the masks have to be brought to the people so that the population can take the blame for the idiocy of Jens Spahn and pay the price! This is a disgrace, to say the least! It is once again a complete declaration of incompetency of our government and this madness MUST finally have an end and reason and humanity must again be restored.

As long as with the, in the meantime sufficiently proven unreliable tests, healthy people are tested, as long as each (false) positive test is counted as a case, as long as each positive test on one and the same patient is counted as a new case, as long as the numbers are kept artificially high to frighten people further, to terrorise and to drive them into total isolation and submission, we will never get out of this absurd situation.
Numbers definitely prove that we do not experience an excess mortality due to COVID-19.

It may sound harsh, but perhaps we should question and rethink our perspective on the subject of death. Unfortunately this is still a big taboo and we seem to avoid this topic in hope to extend our life span no matter what the cost.
People die. Every day. Our lifespan is finite. People get sick. Every day. I myself have lost people that are dear to me. Some due to illness, some who took their own life. I lost my little brother to drugs and all of these deaths are tragic – for me and all the others that cared for these people. But if I were asked to grieve and mourn for everyone who dies in this world, I would not be doing anything else.

I have mentioned it before that the colateral damage we are encountering world wide, through the measures imposed on us are not made public. So many saw no other option than to take their own life, so many died because they did not get treatment for curable illnesses, so many lost everything, the education of our children (which was not good to beginn with) is jeopardised and the list is so much longer.

Someone posted some lovely photos on Facebook this week of people sledding in the snow. The first comment was, “That doesn’t look like they’re keeping their distance”. I was shocked by this comment.
Everything that is even remotely enjoyable is to be taken away from people in order to bring them to their knees and into total submission.
Especially in Germany, people are obedient to authority and good command recipients, which makes it incredibly easy for the authorities to implement even the most absurd measures without greater resistance.
This is what personally terrifies me. And people always tell me to calm down and take it easy, that it’s not worth fighting it – I disagree with all my being! This is worth fighting against and I ask again:



2 thoughts on “HOW MUCH (MORE) DOES IT TAKE?

  1. So much to comment on here and begs for further discussion, but in a nutshell “YES”
    where is the journalism on all of these points.
    This is social engineering on an unfathomable scale.


  2. Just a point in the extremes Governments are willing to go to. English Gov recommending paying people £500 to self isolate. “WOW”’


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