“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”   -George Orwell

I believe we are at war. Many believe this is about a virus and that the measures imposed on us are for our own good. I beg to differ. I do not know the true reasoning behind all of what is happening in the world at the moment and I am the last to raise any conspiracy theories. But I do believe we are at war and it is a World War, most people just do not realise it as there are no guns or bombs involved. Yet people are dying and I am not speaking of the souls that have died of COVID-19 (I am deliberately excluding the ones that died WITH the virus – a great difference that many still do not seem to grasp). I am speaking of the – and yes, I do realise that I am being repetitive – the immense worldwide collateral damage that urgently needs to be addressed. This collateral damage is why I define what is happening to us as a war.

The collateral damage I keep speaking about and that is driving me to despair is not only the many people that are loosing their life due to the measures – although that is a big part of it. Many see suicide as a last resort, others loose their lives because they are not being treated properly (or at all) for illnesses that could be cured. Life saving operations are being postponed or don’t take place at all and people die. For some reason, these are not mourned at all, they are not even mentioned. These are the short term damages. I believe that the long term damages in this war are even more significant and again I apologise for being repetitive, as I have mentioned these in several of my blog posts before.

But I find these collateral damages worth mentioning as we need to see what these measures are costing us. Being locked up for months, isolated from the ones we love and care for, being forced to wear masks when being around others, being constantly induced with fear by the propaganda of the media, being reprogrammed from social beings to antisocial beings leaves its marks on all of us.

I keep hearing from so many around me that we are giving up our freedom for the “GREATER GOOD”. But what does that even mean? Who decides what is for the Greater Good? To quote Mr. Spock with his famous illogic about the needs of the many, the few and the one… I am convinced that we are not (anymore) acting to the needs of the many. The damage that is being done to our children (abuse has significantly gone up), the families breaking apart (being a divorce lawyer should guarantee good business in the years to come), the increasing number of people suffering from severe depression (with the high risk that they will take their own lives as a last resort), the people who have worked all their lives and now lose everything, the people who come out of this war with severe PTSD (and this will not even be recognised), and so much more.

I also keep hearing that there is nothing we can do and it reminds me painfully of a phrase I once heard from a colleague a very long time ago: “acceptance without pain”. I still shudder when I hear these three words. They are just so terribly wrong. Sometimes it already helps to keep an open mind, to question what is happening and making people aware. I do not want to missionize, that is not my job. I am not a scientist or a specialist of any kind. But I am insatiably curious and have this absolut annoying need to understand WHY! This is something that drives me and at the moment, more often than not, to despair.

We do not all need to go out on the streets and march or shout or hold up signs. Often it is the little things that bring change or at least awareness for the suffering and the desperation that is happening in millions of households around the world every single day.

I am privileged, simply because I am not alone, I live with space and beautiful nature around me. I still have more freedom than most, albeit I do not have the freedom to visit my daughter whom I last saw in October last year, or my sister whom I haven’t seen even longer. I do not claim I know how others feel or what they are going through but in my coaching practice I speak to many people and I hear and feel the despair. I miss my own freedom painfully.

A doctor who prescribes a drug to a patient will (or should) always weigh the benefits and side effects before using a drug. If the side effects are worse than the possible benefits, he will probably refrain from administering it to his patient. This is exactly what the politicians of this world should finally think about and finally end this war and let reason return.

What are the benefits of this lockdown, what are the benefits in the restrictions imposed on us and what are the actual (measurable) benefits from this mass torture? We have all been asked to give up a great part of our freedom and civil rights – but for what? Our economy is breaking apart, our society is braking apart, our mental health is breaking apart, common sense is failing so many.

Traveling in public transportation has never been a pleasure as most people keep to themselves and avoid eye contact or even a conversation. Now people look more like zombies than ever. Everyone is wearing the same huge white (some make a statement by wearing blue or black) FFP2 masks that makes them look like ugly zombie birds with hideous white beaks. I suppose being deprived of ones identity and individuality does that to people.

It makes me unbelievably angry and sad to see people like this. I see the fear and the disdain in peoples eyes when someone dares to smile, or God forbid, lift the mask to catch some breath for a second.

People that have been exempt from the rule to wear a mask (for medical reasons) barely dare to go anywhere as the are being treated like outcasts. People immediately assume that they have a forged or illigitamate attestation because they are too stupid, lazy or selfish to wear the mask and don’t care if they kill others. What most do not realise is that FFP2 masks are a health hazard to anyone with a lung condition. Again, this is collateral damage. We all have a choice? We do not!

I am not even going into the topic of the vaccinations – I might do that again some other time – not today.

All I ask of people is to at least keep an open mind, look for information not only on the main stream media and if you have questions, voice them. Don’t become a zombie that practices acceptance without pain. Everyone can do something, even if it seems insignificant at first, it all sums up in the end. I am so afraid that when we look back at this in 10+ years, it could be seen as the greatest series of bad decisions ever. The losses will increase and the long term damage will haunt us for a very long time – especially the damage done to our children. You have a voice and I hope you all use it to keep what little freedom we have left and regain as much as possible.

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