“The head learns new things, but the heart forever practices old experiences.” – Henry Ward Beecher

We have lost much of our ability to listen to our heart, or if you prefer, our gut.

Of course, it is ideal when head and heart are in harmony, but often the ability to listen to our heart or gut feeling is already driven out of us in our childhood.

Until a few years ago, I listened much more to my mind, suppressed my instinct and ignored my gut feeling as well as what my heart was telling me. I don’t want to claim that my gut feeling has always brought me happiness or was even right. It has made me more vulnerable, even assailable. But it has also made me feel more alive than ever before.

Listening to my heart has brought me more pain than I can list here. But listening to it has also brought me more joy, excitement, passion and happiness than most people ever experience in a lifetime. I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world and it has probably taught me more in the last few years than in my entire life before.

It may sound almost somewhat esoteric or spiritual to many when you tell someone, “open your heart and wonderful things will come your way.” Maybe it even sounds a little trite and that may even be the case. But it’s worth just giving it a try.

But how does it actually work? If you are a head person, analyzing everything rationally, how do you manage to trust your instincts, your gut feeling and your heart a little more again?

If we start to (over)think and discuss about it, if we justify it with complicated explanations and it feels strange in our stomach or elsewhere, it is probably (certainly not always) simply wrong.

In essence, it simply means to observe how things make you feel in your daily life. Most of the time the first instinct is not so wrong. If it feels good, warm and right and doesn’t need much explanation or convincing it is probably mostly (but not always) right.

At the end of the day, it is always about finding a balance – a balance between head and heart so that we can live our short lives to the fullest and live the abundant life we deserve.

So, perhaps we should just celebrate every moment, every breath, remembering to just be. Of course that is (as so often and with many things) so much easier said than done. But it is actually about making a choice and taking small steps. We tend to forget so easily how we were as children (or how we wanted to be). Before we started to rationalize everything we simply followed our instinct. Regaining a bit of that quality can make all the difference… especially if you STOP LOOK LISTEN (to your Heart)

“’tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all” – Alfred Lord Tennyson


      1. thats a bit of a face plant moment. doh!!
        I love your vision of the world . And they don’t make music like that anymore. .

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  1. oh and a music tip.
    I bought an album back in 82 ,Diana Ross and the Supremes with the Temptations.
    pure gold if you can find it.. River deep mountain high , best version I’ve ever heard.

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