I had vowed not to write about COVID and the measures imposed on us in the name of this virus in my blog, but I just can’t help it. I am so shocked at how people are treated, I am stunned at what it has done to people, I am horrified at how brainwashing by the media, the non-stop propaganda has turned the majority of people into mindless sheep.

I have lost some acquaintances in this time, people who think I am a lateral thinker, aluminum hat wearer, crazy and conspiracy theorist. I am not one of these (ok, admittedly a bit crazy but mostly in a good way). But I have allowed myself to remain open and above all to question things. I am uncomfortable, emotional and above all relentlessly curious. I have this unpleasant habit of needing to understand things.

I am being laughed at when I say that vaccination will create a two-class society. When the topic of vaccination came up for the first time, it was clear to me that I would not be vaccinated under any circumstances – not because I am a fundamental opponent of vaccination. I will not get vaccinated against COVID because I don’t see any sense in getting vaccinated with a vaccine whose long-term effects are unknown and against a disease that has a recovery rate of over 99%. Nevertheless, this is something that everyone should decide for themselves. I am not trying to prevent anyone who wants to be vaccinated from doing so or even convince anyone to not get vaccinated. I truly believe in the freedom for everyone to make that decision for themselves.

The media only shows us one side and with the relentless propaganda they are doing an amazing job in convincing the majority that there is no other way to get out of this crisis. And it doesn’t even matter anymore how absurd the reporting is, by now people will believe absolutely everything without questioning it. I would like to give only one example for the inconceivably absurd reporting in the media. A few days ago I almost burst out of my shell when a newscaster with a completely serious face reported about a new mutation of the COVID virus and its dangers – nothing new up to here. But when he added that the long-term damage of this new mutation is really serious, I thought I had misheard. Don’t people realise anymore what a load of BS is being served to them? How on earth can one already know the long-term damage of a new mutation today? Maybe this news channel has a crystal ball and knows more than all the rest of us. And this is only one example of many.

We tend to believe what we are told and have unfortunately forgotten to question things. Nowadays it is less desirable than ever. Who questions or even doubts is systematically discredited and excluded from society.

Who would have believed a little over a year ago that we all have to walk around with these useless and stupid masks? Yes, I hear from many that they have never been so little sick as this year and we have the masks to thank for that. But what is not seen is that our immune system is like a muscle. We all know what happens to a muscle that is not exercised – it atrophies. The same thing happens to our immune system. As always, the children – whose immune system is not yet fully developed – are hit the hardest.

Who would have believed a little over a year ago that you can’t visit and hug your beloved relatives?

Who would have believed a little over a year ago that everything that makes people happy would be closed down?

Who would have believed a little over a year ago that we would no longer be allowed to travel freely?

Who would have believed a little over a year ago that curfews would be imposed?

If someone had predicted this a year and a half ago, they would probably have been dismissed as a crackpot. And yet this is exactly our reality that we so willingly (or at least most of us) accept. Some still say it is a small price to pay and I beg to differ, but I have written enough about the collateral damage these hideous measures are causing.

But I’m afraid of a completely different reality. With an electronic vaccination certificate, the (hidden) obligation to vaccinate will finally come. Anyone who wants to stay an active part of society must have this vaccination card.

In our new reality I see at the entry of every supermarket, restaurant, theatre, cinema, gym, etc. a small machine to which you have to hold your electronic vaccination card to gain entry. Unfortunately, I also see myself in front of a supermarket asking strangers to buy something for me, because I don’t have such a document – a bit like teenagers asking adults to buy them alcohol. Of course, I can still order online and that’s the only way I can continue to participate in society in some way – online. I won’t be able to meet friends at the cinema, I won’t be able to go out to eat, I won’t be able to go to my gym, I won’t be able to travel. It will also become more and more difficult to get a job as a non-vaccinated person. I will be on the sidelines. With these prospects, people will be brought to their knees and it will probably work. Nothing would make me happier than to be in the wrong and that these scenarios are simply the brainwaves of a COVID measures tired woman who longs to regain a piece of freedom and joy of life.

And again, all I ask is for people to keep an open mind and to question what is being handed to us by the main stream media. Use your mind and your common sense. And even if you absolutely disagree with what I am writing here – which is your right – please stay respectful and kind with people that may not share your personal beliefs or your way of perceiving what is happening around us. There is still such a thing as mutual respect and human kindness.

And now once more on a final note; never in my life have I so desperately hoped to be wrong!


  1. We unfortunately live in a world of spectacularly stupid and gullible people who have swallowed the non stop government and media lies for over a year which started with the obviously staged footage of people dropping dead in the streets in Wuhan
    They refuse to question the notion that perfectly healthy people are “cases” of a disease. They refuse to question the definition of what constitutes a Covid death. They refuse to accept that the disease is a non existent threat to the overwhelming majority of those who are under 70 and in good general health. They refuse to question the colossal bullshit of asymptomatic spread upon which the entire edifice of lockdown is built. They refuse to question the PCR test, which many leading scientists have said is unfit the purpose of mass testing.They refuse to question why any dissenting scientists is either ignored or smeared by the media and social media.
    Finally they refuse to see how we have been lied to about “Covid Passports” and are happily cheering the advent of their own enslavement in a world where human beings are considered only as potential walking bags of contagion. A world where you are assumed to be a permanent threat to every member of the human race unless you can prove that you’ve been injected with an experimental vaccine for a disease with a 0.2 % IFR.

    These people are brainwashed, paranoid sheep and are way beyond lost. They walk around in the open air wearing a mask and leap out into the road rather than risk being anywhere near another human being for a few seconds. If they haven’t woken up by now they never will.Maybe they deserve the dystopia that is coming their way.


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