I am moderately active on Twitter. Admittedly I read, connect and share Tweets I like, more than creating a lot of content of my own. I have found a few very interesting people and have even had the privilege to make new friends. So just for that it is worth my while.

I do not get a lot likes or a lot of feedback, which is fine with me. I don’t even have many followers or that many read my blog which is at times a little disaSince I am not that active it is logical that I do not get a lot of feedback, which is fine. There was one tweet I posted a while ago though that apparently struck a nerve. It was an analogy that resonated with quite a few people. I didn’t even consider it to be especially witty but I believe there is so much truth in it and it describes the current situation we are living in rather perfectly.

Here is what I wrote:

“Sometimes I feel like we are living in Hans Christian Andersen‘s fairy tale THE EMPEROR’S NEW CLOTHES“.

Only a few dare say that the Emperor is naked…”

For those who do not remember the tale, I will give you a brief summary.

Onceupon a time, there was an Emperor who was only interested in beautiful clothes. He was so in love with it that he did not care much for anything else. One day a few impostors appeared and told him that they were excellent weavers and that they could make the most beautiful fabric in the world. It didn’t take long to get the Emperor’s attention. They told him they made fabrics of wonderful samples and colours with a specific feature. They were invisible to anyone who was stupid or incapable of doing his job.
The impostors ordered some of the finest materials and secretly they sold them to make a profit. To fool the Emperor and his servants they started to weave but there was nothing there. The Emperor sent his most loyal servants to check up on them. When they saw that they can’t see the alleged fabric they were terrified to get fired or worse for being stupid or incompetent to do their jobs. So they simply lied, claiming they saw magical fabrics.
In the end, the Emperor decided together with many helpers to look for himself and see the fabrics and find out how the weavers work was going. Everyone who accompanied him was afraid to come off as a stupid person so they admired the fabric that wasn’t there and advised the Emperor to put that nothing on himself. The impostors showed him the cape, trousers, and the coat but they were actually empty-handed.
The Emperor took all his clothes off of himself and the impostors dressed him in the invisible clothes. The Emperor started a procession where his servants walked behind him with their hands raised to hold the cape. Everyone admired him and his new clothes until one boy yelled that the Emperor had no clothes on.

So why did my short tweet resonate with so many people?

This classic tale raises questions about self-deception, conformity, and obedience to authority. Sound familiar? For the past 18 months almost the entire world has been following a narrative of constant fear. It has put the world in the state of a civil world war, turning people against one another in appalling ways. It may sound harsh but I don’t define war by falling bombs and gunshots. The world population has been perfidiously divided from within. Anyone who does not follow the general narrative is quite officially being named antisocial, dangerous, reckless, to name but a few of the friendlier ones.

“Fear is your best friend or your worst enemy. It’s like fire. If you can control it, it can cook for you; it can heat your house. If you can’t control it, it will burn everything around you and destroy you. If you can control your fear, it makes you more alert, like a deer coming across the lawn.”
– Mike Tyson

In the meantime, it has come to a state in many countries that anyone who does not follow the approved narrative, anyone who does not allow themselves to be put into a state of constant fear, anyone who dares challenge certain measures and even refuses to give in and give up their civil rights must reckon with severe consequences, restrictions and repressive measures. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Just one example:

As of mid September unvaccinated people in Austria have to wear an FFP2 mask in non-food retail shops and shopping centres. This regulation does not apply to vaccinated persons. Unvaccinated people do not get an armband, but they might as well as they are now clearly marked in public. The retail sector does not know how this regulation is to be controlled or enforced, but apparently the shop owners themselves should carry out random checks in their stores. The simple very fact that something like this is even being considered shows how far the division has already progressed and how little we have learned from the past.

What many hopelessly underestimate is that the propaganda has worked so thoroughly that people’s fear is absolutely real – even if this may be difficult to comprehend. The psychology behind this is no coincidence. Like in THE EMPEROR’S NEW CLOTHES, something is suggested to humanity that does not exist in the severity that is propagated. In the meantime, there is not even an attempt to hide the contradictions any longer. There are now so many nonsensical measures that the masses no longer even notice – and even if they do, they simply accept them. Once again, people are becoming followers of a narrative that has been achieved not through logic or scientific proof, but through constant public address and induced fear.

And this speaks for itself:

Fear can keep us alive and it can also prevent us from living!

So we need not cease to shout from the top of our lungs when we have doubts, when something feels wrong and doesn’t make sense. We need to question what we do not understand. We need to dare say when we see the Emperor running around stark naked. Sometimes it takes just one voice to get started and wake people up to use their common sense again, provided they are not part of those who would do anything to maintain a certain narrative.

We need change and this video was sent to me by a friend and I absolutely adore it as it always puts a smile on my face. I hope you enjoy it just a much! Play it LOUD and move!!!

You need not agree with me, I even appreciate a respectful discussion. All I ask is for is to keep an open mind and my greatest wish is that this war ends without further collateral damage, even if it is just wishful thinking.

Wishing you a peaceful weekend


Tanja 🤗

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