All over Europe, the unspeakable measures, that are causing incalculable damage to people and the economy, are falling like dominoes. Countries like England, Switzerland, Sweden, and Denmark – to name but a few – celebrate the so-called Freedom Day! They are stopping the senseless measures, dropping mask mandates, and are actually going back to some form of self-determination – at least temporarily – as well as freedoms (which would not have to be returned if they had not been involuntarily and unlawfully taken away from the people).

Germany is, as so often, a (negative) exception. Here, the measures are to be relaxed in stages and the mask requirement – no matter how nonsensical it may be – is to remain for the time being. On a side note; That’s what happens when a health minister puts out an open house call for masks, has a budget of two billion euros, but gets masks for six billion euros. The masks now have to be brought to the people so they can pay for debt!

I don’t want to be a party pooper but I don’t really trust any of this quite yet. What worries me most is that we are now being lulled into a false sense of security with the announcement of a Freedom Day on March 20th, that we are supposed to rejoice (which I personally find completely absurd), that we are supposed to regain some of the fundamental rights that have been taken forcefully away from us.

But I also know that in most countries the legislation has been changed so that coercive measures can be reintroduced at ANY TIME.

And to top it all a vote on mandatory vaccination laws is apparently to take place on 18th March (two days before the announced Freedom Day) in the German Bundestag!

According to current information, a majority in the Bundestag of the “traffic light” parties and parliamentary groups or the so-called “groups” of those in favour of mandatory vaccination now want to bring their draft laws on mandatory vaccination (for 18 or 50-year-old) through the Bundestag on 16th and 18th March. Against all evidence, against basic rights and, what is more, at high speed in three days from the first (16.3.) to the third reading (18.3.) and then legally valid, if a simple majority of the representatives can be found!

I don’t trust our politicians farther than I can throw them – probably unnecessary to mention that I am physically not very strong.

Just the thought that we have to “earn” our freedom is so hideously absurd and I find it absolutely appalling.

How could we let this happen? How could we allow the governments of this so-called free world to degrade us from responsible citizens to obedient subjects?

I am on the one hand in awe how they have managed to do this in such a short time on a worldwide scale, and on the other hand, appalled at how contemptuous of humanity our elected politicians are acting to gain more control and power.

They seem to have lost all sense of shame, honour, responsibility, and what their actual job is – serving the people.

Unfortunately, when I look at Canada, I see what could be in store for us. The freezing of bank accounts is just the beginning for people that are not willing to comply with the governmental forceful measures and fight peacefully for their civil rights and their freedom. These people are being threatened openly and not a single leader of the western world has condemned any of these actions. I find this flabbergasting and terrifying.

I can only emphasise again that I am not a conspiracy theorist – bad enough that one has to mention that at all – but a person who goes through the world critically and with open eyes, seeing injustice. You may not share my opinions and views and I absolutely respect that. I always enjoy your feedback and respectful discussion.

🎶My Song of the Week

📚My Poem of the Week

Wilfred Owen (1893-1918)

Greater Love

Red lips are not so red
As the stained stones kissed by the English dead.
Kindness of wooed and wooer
Seems shame to their love pure.
O Love, your eyes lose lure
When I behold eyes blinded in my stead!

Your slender attitude
Trembles not exquisite like limbs knife-skewed,
Rolling and rolling there
Where God seems not to care;
Till the fierce love they bear
Cramps them in death’s extreme decrepitude.

Your voice sings not so soft,-
Though even as wind murmuring through raftered loft,-
Your dear voice is not dear,
Gentle, and evening clear,
As theirs whom none now hear,
Now earth has stopped their piteous mouths that coughed.

Heart, you were never hot
Nor large, nor full like hearts made great with shot;
And though your hand be pale,
Paler are all which trail
Your cross through flame and hail:
Weep, you may weep, for you may touch them not.


I found this photo on Facebook and just had to use it as I simply find it beautiful…

Credit to Michael Ezinga

Have a wonderful weekend and I would love to hear from you how you perceive what is happening.


Tanja 🤗

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